Everything is coming together slowly but for sure. My artwork is getting more popular as the day grows old. I'm super excited. I have plenty of new art to put in my art gallery. I don't mind taking in requests at this point in time. I'm looking to make a team in the art field so if that interests you don't be afraid to contact me. ~*~* I want some Pecan Pie!~* lol . But this did cross my mind today. A lady came by my work area and spoke about the obstacles she faced in life with her autistic child. She told me how difficult it was at first to even know where to plan ahead for her child's future. I got to thinking about this and I said hmmm maybe there are more parents out in the world that face this similar issue that need some resources. Well I did some research and I found Model Me Kids- Videos for Modeling Social Skills.  Here's the link : http://www.modelmekids-store.com/?Click=13877 . Please share it with others if you want to help with this cause. Thank you~*
Yay!~* I finally did it. I made a website. I look forward to hearing from all my fans, supporters, and business opportunities. I'm building a team. If you are a talented artist of any field (Visual, Vocal, Music, Drama (theatre >.>;) , and so forth) please feel free to comment as well or contact me. Everyone please go Like my Fan Page @ www.facebook.com/deneshainspires .
I'm quite busy but if you leave a message I'll get back with you A.S.A.P. . Thank you all and Have a blessed day~*~*~*' Denesha Brown